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Arteflame 40" Fire Pits

Arteflame 40" Fire Pits


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2 Accessories Bundle consists of Seasoning Puck and Grill Grate.

SEASONING PUCK - Prevents food from sticking to the cooking surface and shields it from rust. It is composed entirely of natural ingredients, free from preservatives or additives, ensuring the highest quality food.

CENTER GRADE - Makes this grill is suitable for cooking seafood, burgers, steaks, vegetables, and a variety of other foods, imparting a fresh grilled taste.








5 Accessories Bundle consists of Rotisserie, Stainless Center Lid and Grill Scraper in addition to 2 Accessories Bundle accessories.

ROTISSERIE - For cooking poultry or kabobs on a spit, or hanging foods such as sausages, and even Dutch Ovens!

GRILL SCRAPER - Crafted from durable stainless steel to maintain cleanliness and set it apart from others.

STAINLESS CENTER LID - Prevents debris from entering and effectively extinguishes fires, setting it apart as a truly distinctive feature.







10 Accessories Bundle consists of Pizza Oven with 14" Pizza Grate, Vinyl Grill Cover, Grill Grate Riser, Food Saver, Looft Lighter X in addition to 5 Accesories Bundle accessories.

PIZZA OVEN - Enables the preparation of an extensive range of dishes, including the option to bake treats like cookies and brownies, adding a unique and versatile aspect to its functionality.

VINYL GRILL COVER - Incorporates zippers to ensure a convenient and secure fit, distinguishing it as a uniquely practical and reliable feature.

GRILL GRATE RISER - Provides the unique opportunity to effortlessly adjust the grill's height, offering a customizable cooking experience tailored to individual preferences.

LOOFT LIGHTER X - Experience the exceptional convenience of igniting a fire within just 60 seconds using battery power alone, setting it apart as an impressively efficient and innovative feature.










      Euro Low Base

      •  Expansive 40" diameter for ample cooking area
      •  Low-profile design at 18" in height
      •  Weighs approximately 250 lbs when shipped





           Round Low Base

          •  Spacious 40" diameter for extensive cooking capacity
          •  Low-profile build standing at 18" in height
          •  Approximately 250 lbs shipping weight









          •  Expansive 40" diameter for generous cooking area
          •  Low-profile at just 8" in height
          •  Approximately 250 lbs shipping weight





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